PUBG Mobile Season 11: End Date And Time, Season 12 Start Date, Weapons, Skins, Royale Pass, Leaks and Updates

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PUBG Mobile Season 11 will be coming to an end this week after launching on January 10th.

Season 12 will naturally take its place and we can't wait to play!

Season 11, like any new season, has given us a whole wide variety of new content ranging from new weapons, themes and there's even a new TDM map in development


When Does Season 11 End?

PUBG Season 11 will come to an end on the 3rd March.

The season began on the 10th January and in its place Season 12 will begin on the 6th March.

There will be no downtime for this update. According to Mr. Ghost Gaming, Season 11 ranks will end and reset on 9th March 12am GMT, with Season 12 ranks beginning at 2am GMT.

Season 11 Royale Pass will end on the 8th March at 12am GMT, with Season 12 beginning on the 9th March at 2am GMT.

Each season lasts roughly two months, so we can expect this to run until May.

Season 11 Theme

Every season is based around a particular theme

The theme for Season 11 has been dubbed Operation Tomorrow and is heavily influenced by the Cyberpunk movement. 

You can expect a lot of futuristic looking skins and artwork.

Will there be new weapons?

A new weapon has generally been released with every new season. 

The previous season saw a new weapon called the MP5K, a submachine gun that uses 9mm ammunition, become available to players. 

Sadly no real information has been released about whether we’ll see a new weapon but I’m certain we will. 

You can read more about the new weapons we can expect in Season 11 here.


Will we see new weapon skins?

Despite there being no news about new weapons, we have heard plenty about the new weapon and item skins thats coming in Season 11.

With Cyberpunk being the main theme, the new skins have been tailored to match it. Here is a list of what weapons you can expect a new skin for:

  • S1897 has recieved the 'Frozen City' skin.
  • M416
  • M762
  • The pan
  • Helmet
  • Backpack

There will also be an exclusive Season 11 skin for the Kar98k.

Additional mentions of the SKS, M16A4 and Uzi getting new skins however we haven’t seen anything concrete yet.

Any New Vehicles?

Sadly there will be no new vehicles in Season 11. Last season gave us the Zima, a vehicle excluisve to Vikendi which replaced the UAZ. 

No doubt we'll see more map specific, theme friendly vehicles that will keep us from having to use our legs in the future.

New Map 

While there have been no changes to the main Battle Royale maps, PUBG Mobile Season 11 has given us a new Arena Map called TOWN Backstreet Firefight. Expect lots of close quarters combat and heavy fighting.

Earlier in Season 11's development Tencent teased a new map for the TDM game mode that's unique to PUBG Mobile.

A proposed layout was uploaded which commenters noticed looked strikingly close to the Killhouse map in Call of Duty.

Proposed layout for the new TDM Map

As to whether we’ll see a new Battle Royale map any time soon, it’s looking very unlikely.

New Royale Pass

Prominent PUBG Mobile leaker, Classified YT, revealed details about there possibly being TWO Royale Passes in Season 11.

These being:

  • Elite Upgrade - 600 UC
  • Elite Upgrade Plus - 1800 UC

The Royale Pass will include a whole range of new items such as:

  • A new 100RP outfit
  • Red & Black outfit (unlocked at gold tier)
  • Various rewards and cosmetics
  • MK14 skin (unlocked at diamond tier)

New Game Modes

The new season brings in new game modes:

  • Domination
  • Payload

Domination is a new Arena game mode that features two teams of four, trying to capture two out of three bases.

Payload adds aerial combat to the mix and the means to defend yourself with things like rocket launchers, grenade launchers and mini guns.

Written byOllie East@EastOllie


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