How To Change Your Name In PUBG Mobile Season 12

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PUBG Season 12 is arriving soon and that's good news for fans on PC, console, or mobile.

Aside from fresh content coming to the long-running Battle Royale title, a new season offers an opportunity for a fresh start.


Here's how to change your PUBG Mobile name.

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How To Change Your Name in PUBG Mobile Season 12

While it used to be impossible to change your name in PUBG Mobile, there's good news – now you can.


This good news is tempered somewhat by the way you need a consumable called a "Rename Card" to be able to do so.

These are earned through levelling up and are often dished out as freebies from in-game events. If you don't have any, you can buy one for 180UC.

So, if you've got your Rename Card, let's get started.



Instructions for iOS and Android

  1. Open PUBG and head to the home screen.
  2. Open the Inventory, and then tap the crate icon.
  3. Select your Rename Card, and then "Use".
  4. Enter your desired name and then tap OK. This can only be done once per day.