How To Add Friends In PUBG Mobile Season 12

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PUBG Mobile Season 12 is coming, and that means there's plenty of new reasons to jump into games with friends.

So how do you add friends in PUBG Mobile? Here's how.


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How To Add Friends in PUBG Mobile

  1. Open PUBG Mobile on your iOS or Android device
  1. Tap the Friends icon in the bottom left corner, then "Add Friends"
  2. Enter your friend's display name, and then tap "Search".
  3. Once you've found them, tap their icon and add an optional message.
  4. Tap send.
  5. Once your friend has spotted the request in their own "Friends" menu, they just need to tap Accept.


Once you're done, you'll be able to send them in-game messages, or most importantly, invite them to your own lobby before starting a game.

Don't forget to use voice chat to co-ordinate strategies!