PUBG Mobile addresses hackers, hands out 10-year bans

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Tencent’s taking a scorched-earth approach to a recently discovered hack in the popular battle royale PUBG Mobile.

The team has just deployed a new anti-plugin measure to help foster “a safe and fair competitive environment,” the publisher said in a press release on Friday.


“On June 27, we received reports of a new kind of hack that could cause a player to disconnect during a match and cause other players to be killed after dropping,” Tencent said. “This hack seriously disrupted the game.”

The PUBG Mobile team immediately identified a number of accounts responsible for the cheat, and is issuing a 10-year ban to any player known to have used it.

“We will investigate the developers of this hack as far as the law permits,” the publisher added.

Last month, developers at Tencent also implemented a new Spectate mode, in order to make it easier to monitor and report suspicious in-game behavior.


“We hold a zero-tolerance policy for cheaters,” Tencent’s Neo Liu told me during an interview back in February.

“Nearly ninety-five percent of cheating accounts are automatically banned by our system. Other bans are based on player reports, which helps us a lot when making a judgment on certain cases, or when deciding on the punishment to impose.”