PUBG Has Revealed Its Black Friday Bundles

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One of the longest-running battle royales seems to be releasing content at a rapid pace for the holiday season.

PUBG will be coming to the new Xbox Series X and PS5 but will not be getting a graphic update unfortunately. 

The game has been known for promoting special deals towards the holiday season, and Black Friday is quickly approaching.


They have gone ahead and posted all the bundles you will be able to purchase this weekend! 

Here they are. 



A new blog post on the PUBG website has announced the release of two new bundles going to be available for purchase.

The bundles are centered around the G-Coin; and here is what PUBG noted regarding the bundles: 

Thanksgiving is upon us and tradition dictates that once you’re stuffed to the brim with food you must seek out fantastic discounts. No need to clip out newspaper coupons or grapple with crowds like a linebacker to grab a stellar PUBG deal. All of our Black Friday deals can be claimed from the comfort and socially distanced safety of your home. This year is all about the G-Coin Bundles which comes with fabulous bonus items.

The first bundle is going to include the following items and will be $8.99 USD: 

  • 50 G-Coin ($9.99 Value)
  • (bonus!) Bengal Tiger Parachute (30 Days)
  • (bonus!) Tri-Hard Green Marksman Backpack (Level 1) (30 Days)
  • (bonus!) Pop Art (Green) – Helmet (Level 3) (30 Days)
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While the second bundle will be priced at $22.49 USD and will include: 

  • 2,700 G-Coin ($24.99 Value)
  • (bonus!) Bengal Tiger Parachute (30 Days)
  • (bonus!) Tri-Hard Green Marksman Backpack (Level 1) (Permanent)
  • (bonus!) Pop Art (Green) – Helmet (Level 3) (Permanent)
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Be sure to let us know which one you are picking up!