PUBG 11.2 Patch Notes

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PUBG 11.2 brings with it a substantial amount of content to the game, including the new Pajama Party Survivor Pass, changes to Erangel Military Island Bridges, and a slew of gameplay, balance, and reporting changes.

PUBG 11.2 Patch Report Summary

The two spotlight updates in PUBG 11.2 are the Pajama Party Survivor Pass and changes to Erangel's two Military Island bridges.

As with any patch, there are also plenty of quality-of-life improvements, as well as bug fixes.

The update is currently live on the PUBG test server and will get pushed to the live server some time next week.

Remember that any progress you make on the PTS does not translate over to the live servers.

The PTS server is strictly for preview and testing purposes.

Still, checking out the latest updates before they go live is a perk all on its own.

PUBG Survivor Pass: Pajama Party Details

  • Survivor Pass: Pajama Party can be purchased within two different item packages.
      • Premium Pass + The Big Sleep - AUG weapon skin.
      • Premium Pass + The Big Sleep - AUG weapon skin + Lv.30 coupon.
  • Survivor Pass: Pajama Party provides over 30 rewards as players progress through 50 levels.
    • You can earn XPs by playing matches and completing missions. Additional levels can also be purchased with G-Coin.
  • Survivor Pass: Pajama Party has the following mission types.
    • Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, Challenge Missions.
  • Survivor Pass: Pajama Party will begin on April 28th at 11:00 KST and end on June 9th at 11:00 KST.
    • Claim your rewards before the pass ends, as there is no longer an additional grace period to claim rewards once the season ends.
    • Don't forget to make use of your coupons in the Coupon Shop before the season ends, as they're unable to be used afterward.

A preview of what is to come can be found in the tweet above.

Erangel Military Island Bridges Updates

PUBG catwalk additions to Military Island bridges
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CATWALKS: I do my little dance on the catwalk

Due to fan feedback, changes are coming to the east and west bridges between Erangel and Sosnovka.

The changes add new defendable positions for PUBG players who like to bridge camp and new avenues to attack those who like to bridge camp.

The changes are as follows:

  • Both bridges have been widened
  • Additional cover added
  • Catwalks added
  • The dump truck has been repositioned

These updates provide more tactical opportunities for players to experiment with, such as making it easier to defend against attacks from the water and adding alternate avenues to approach attacking the bridges.

Other Updates

PUBG 11.2 contains other quality of life updates, such as a drive-by shooting balance adjustment, a rebalanced reputation system, an SLR muzzle update, match history and reporting improvements, and various bug fixes.

New cosmetic items and item updates, including PUBG's first-ever set of animated ID Nameplates, are also on the way.

For a full list of these other updates, as well as the full details of PUBG 11.2, check the Patch Notes on PUBG's Steam Community page.

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