How to LIKE Teammates in PUBG Mobile

At some point in your PUBG Mobile RP Pass career, you'll be rewarded with RP by essentially complimenting teammates on their skills. But how you go about doing that sometimes isn't clear. So how do you LIKE teammates in PUBG Mobile these days? It's changed in recent times, so if you're struggling to work out how to send LIKEs to other players, here's how to do it.

How to LIKE Teammates in PUBG Mobile

Whether you're doing it for an RP Mission objective or simply want to do the right thing and let another player know that you appreciated their teamwork, knowing how to LIKE teammates in PUBG Mobile isn't always as obvious as it used to be, and certainly isn't as obvious as it should be.

To LIKE teammates in PUBG Mobile, you need to wait until the very end of a squad match. If you get knocked down and leave before the rest of your team falls, you'll skip the screen that features the LIKE button.

Once the match is well and truly over, accept your defeat (or victory): you'll be tossed onto the results screen where you can compare how you and your teammates performed in battle.

This is where you need to be to LIKE your teammates in PUBG Mobile.

How to LIKE teammates in PUBG Mobile from the match results screen.
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From this screen, just look out for the silly cartoon chicken icon by the Friend Request button. Each player in the squad has one: the biggest the squad, the more LIKEs you can send.

To send a LIKE, just tap the chicken icon by the player you want to LIKE. Just select a sticker from the pop-up menu are you're all done. Move onto the other players you want to commend and you'll rack up LIKEs for the Royale Pass mission in no time.

You can even do this in Arena matches to speed things along. Arena matches are typically much shorter than your average Classic match, and you can even send LIKEs to players on the opposite team, turning the 20 LIKE mission into a simple two-match job.

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