How to Transfer a PUBG Mobile Account to Battlegrounds Mobile India

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Despite the original PUBG Mobile being banned in India over data protection concerns, Battlegrounds Mobile India allows players to transfer their old accounts to the new game. Here's how to transfer PUBG Mobile accounts to Battlegrounds Mobile India and how to fix any account errors.

How to Transfer a PUBG Mobile Account to Battleground Mobile India - Account Transfer Process

If you're looking to jump straight back into Erangel with your old PUBG Mobile account, you can do just that in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Download Battlegrounds Mobile India
  • Launch the game
  • Choose whichever social media plaform (Facebook or Twitter) you linked your PUBG Mobile account to.
  • Log in.

It should be as simple as that. Once you log in using the same social media service your PUBG Mobile account was linked to, you should log into the new game with the same account.

How to Account Transfer to Battlegrounds Mobile India Using Google Play

Sadly, if you linked your PUBG Mobile account to your Google Play account before the game was banned in India, you're out of luck.

Google Play removed support for logging in through an embedded web browser, which is how Battlegrounds Mobile India handles things.

If you can't get into your old PUBG Mobile account to link to Twitter or Facebook, you'll have to start fresh in Battlegrounds Mobile India.


How to Fix the Battlegrounds Mobile India Account Transfer Error

The in-game Battlegrounds Mobile India account transfer page showing an error.

If you hit an error when trying to transfer your PUBG Mobile account to Battlegrounds Mobile India, the situation probably isn't as dire as it looks.

Right now, the game servers are being hammered by potentially millions of similar requests. Although it reads like you might have made a mistake with the account information, it's probably just the server failing to get the necessary data. Just try again later.

It doesn't hurt to ensure you're attempting to transfer the correct account, but if you're certain, you're probably fine.


Does Account Data Transfer to the Final Release?

Even though Battlegrounds Mobile India is technically in early access or open beta, there are no server wipes planned. Any progress made from now on will carry over when the game fully launches.

You can transfer your PUBG Mobile account to Battlegrounds Mobile India right now without losing anything in the future.