ITV Hub PS4: Can You Download And Watch ITV Hub On PS4?

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Due to the current climate, many have been stuck at home.

This has been the perfect opportunity to binge-watch shows that some may not have the time to do otherwise.

ITV is a streaming service that has series such as Love Island, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and more.

The PS4 has a variety of apps for watching shows but does it have ITV Hub?


Can You Watch ITV Hub On PS4?

At the moment you can't directly download the ITV Hub and watch anything on it.

The app doesn't exist as of yet but you can read more about future plans below.

The only way that you can watch the shows is through Sky Go/ITV from Sky apps.

Although, you will require a Sky membership to do so.

Future Plans For ITV Hub On PS4

A Twitter user commented on the fact that there is no ITV Hub app for the PS4.


The team responded by saying "Hi, as you're aware the app is not supported on PS4! However, we are working on this, I will be sure to log your comments!"

So, it seems that they are definitely developing an app.

When it will launch, we don't know yet.

We'll keep an eye out and let you know if we hear anything more!