Is The Medium Coming To PS5?

The Medium has hit Xbox Series X to fairly decent reviews, with fans loving the classic horror puzzle game’s vibe and story.

Though soon players from other platforms could experience The Medium for themselves thanks to a potential gaffe on social media.

Could The Medium be headed to PS5 soon?

We’re here with all the latest to answer that question!

Why Could The Medium Be Coming To PS5?

Recently, the game was rated for PS5 by the ESRB, suggesting an announcement and release of The Medium on PS5 is imminent.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the classic PlayStation symbols on top of the box for The Medium Xbox Controller.

That being the Triangle, Square, Circle and Cross symbols that are on the controller’s buttons.

Here is a the box if you want to see for yourself:

expand image

The Medium Controller Box (Image: @GabSmolders)

The symbols might be upside down from our perspective but that's them for sure!

There’s very little reason for these symbols to be on the box otherwise unless this is some kind of troll from Bloober.

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The Medium was only ever called a Console Launch Exclusive for Xbox Series X, so it’s not unexpected that it would eventually move over to the PS5 too!

Though while many were expecting it to take about a year, this box art could suggest the wait for PS5 fans could be a little shorter.

We’ll have to wait and see if anything gets announced but be sure to check back when it is for our breakdown of everything you need to know!

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