PS5 Turning On By Itself? Here's How to Fix It

The PS5 has its share of issues, but one of the more annoying ones is when the PS5 turns on by itself. It’s a seemingly inexplicable issue, but fortunately, getting the PS5 to stop turning on by itself is pretty easy after figuring out what causes it..

The most likely cause involves the PS5’s HDMI Device Link setting. If that setting is switched on, and your system is directly connected to your TV, the PS5 can turn on by itself whenever you turn the TV on.

You can fix that by:

  • Choosing “settings"
  • Selecting “system”
  • Opening “HDMI”
  • Disabling “HDMI Link”

That automatically turns off One-Touch Play and Power Off Link, so your PS5 should be independent of your monitor now.

The HDCP setting is connected to recording from a capture device such as an Elgato, so you don’t need to worry about it.

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How to Fix PS5 Turns On By Itself

Another common reason you might have the PS5 turns on by itself issue is if you’re leaving the system in rest mode. The default updates setting lets the system download updates and patches in rest mode, and that can turn the system on in some cases.

Finally, a less common reason the PS5 might turn on by itself is connected to Remote Play. If you have the “Enable Turning On PS5 From Network” option turned on under “Power Saving,” you can power the system on by turning on a Remote Play device or, less likely, by choosing to turn the PS5 on via the PlayStation app.

Disable Remote Play under the System < Remote Play settings if you find yourself butt-activating the PS App on your phone. You can also turn off “stay connected to the internet” under Rest Mode settings if you keep your system in rest mode frequently.

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