How to connect Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to PS5

Playing games in the PS5 console could be more engaging with the added experience given by using headphones. Today, the wireless headphones variant has become more popular, including the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

But the downside is, there is no direct way how to connect the Galaxy Buds to the PS5 console. Yet with the help of another device, connecting both devices wouldn’t be a problem at all.

So without further ado, here’s how you can connect the Samsung Galaxy Buds to your PS5.

Connect the Samsung Galaxy Buds to PS5 via Bluetooth Adapter

All you need is a wireless Bluetooth adapter to connect the Samsung Galaxy Buds to your PS5. Once you would have it, you just need to plug it directly into your TV’s audio output.

The Bluetooth adapter can be purchased in gadget accessories stores near your area or online. It is priced at $50 or even less.

Use the Bluetooth Adapter to connect the Samsung Galaxy Buds to PS5

Make sure the Bluetooth adapter is on pairing mode. Connect your Galaxy Buds to the adapter by putting the Buds to the case and close it. Open it again and it will automatically enter the Bluetooth pairing mode afterward.

Once you have done all the things mentioned, your Samsung Galaxy Buds and PS5 should now be connected. Enjoy playing through the games on your console with a more engaging and intimate audio experience.

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