Predator Hunting Grounds New Update Adds Isabelle From 'Predators' And Plenty More

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Predator Hunting Grounds has released its latest update to the game on PS4 and PC today (June 29), with some interesting new content to enjoy.

The asymmetric online multiplayer game has now been updated to version 2.22 and players should notice a new download for the game that's roughly 2.34 GB in size.

Aside from a few small bug fixes, the update primarily adds new DLC which comes in the form of a new fireteam member.

Although it's not just any fireteam member, it's Isabelle from the movie Predators along with her NRV-E Sniper Rifle. For now, you'll have to pay for this new content, but the weapon will be unlockable to all via gameplay by August 2021.

Predator Hunting Grounds NRV-E weapon, AKA the Ultimate Sniper Rifle
Predator Hunting Grounds NRV-E weapon, AKA the Ultimate Sniper Rifle

In terms of free content, there's still plenty to smile about, including the games sixth map 'Headquarters'.

Here's a bit more info, courtesy of Jared Gerritzen, the Chief Creative Officer at developers Illfonic:

The Headquarters, at first, will feel like a multi-floor labyrinth, with lots of turns forcing players into close-quarters combat. Anyone up for an elevator battle royale? With so many hiding spots and nowhere to perch, HQ really is a Predator death trap for most, but there may be one that can survive. A highly skilled Trapper Predator could be stealthy enough to beat the fire team. But most that have played this new map make mincemeat out of the enemy.
Predator Hunting Grounds New Map Headquarters
Predator Hunting Grounds New Map 'Headquarters'
If the Headquarters is the “burial grounds” for our Yautja friend, then the Cabanas are where the Fireteam could meet their demise. It’s a predkour paradise. With 12 different missions for the Fireteam to conquer; they will often traverse the area. This map also showcases new missions unavailable to other maps. Fireteams will be faced with an all drone mission, these act as mobile alarm systems that will alert your enemies if they spot you. Take them out before they see you, or a constant stream of Stargazer guerillas will be coming after you. Or try your hand at the Maiden’s Treasure; this mission will send teams on the ultimate treasure hunt to unveil unexplainable Predator technology. These missions and others will be the key to unlocking bonus XP.

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If you're curious about the games latest patch notes, then have a read just below.

Predator Hunting Grounds 2.22 Patch Notes

Paid DLC

  • New playable Fireteam member - Isabelle
  • Early Access to new Fireteam weapon - NRV-E (Sniper Rifle)

Free Update

  • New Map - Headquarters
  • New Collectibles - OWLF Tape series 2


  • Addressed an exploit spot in Airstrip
  • Fixed an issue in Airstrip where certain parts of the map did not have the proper lighting
  • Fixed an issue in Airstrip where the downed helicopter not always showing up during certain missions
  • Fixed an issue in Airstrip where the reinforcements may sometimes spawn Fireteam members in the incorrect location



  • Fireteam members can no longer muddy up in Clash mode
  • Fixed an issue where Dutch 1987 was not working properly in custom private matches, ‘Big Head Mode’
  • Fixed an issue where certain cosmetics were not properly displaying on Dutch 2025
  • Fixed an issue where Dutch’s beard was floating over his body during certain cinematics



  • Battle Axe
    • Fixed an issue where the Battle Axe was not properly being sheathed when entering Predkour
  • Plasma Caster
    • Fixed an issue where the Plasma Caster reticle was not properly focusing while charging