Predator Hunting Grounds: How To Defuse Bomb and Predator's Self Destruct

Predator: Hunting Grounds launches on April 24, the Fireteam has plenty to contend with at any given time.

There are AI enemies, multiple objectives, and the small matter of the Predator breathing down their necks at any given opportunity. Even once you kill him, he begins a self-destruct sequence! Wondering how to disarm it? We've got bad news. 

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Predator: Hunting Grounds: How to Defuse the Predator's Self-Destruct Explosive

If you're a tough team, or you're playing against a less than confident Predator and bring it down, don't spend too much time slapping yourself on the back.

The alien can trigger a self-destruct sequence that can kill anyone caught up in the blast, and while the radius isn't quite as large as the one Arnie evades in the movie, it's still pretty sizeable.

Even worse, you can't defuse the bomb – so running is your only option. Quick, go!

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