Predator Hunting Grounds DLC 2: June Update – What could be coming in Update 2?

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Predator: Hunting Grounds is getting monthly paid and free DLC up until at least August, developer Illfonic has confirmed.

Fresh from confirming Arnold Schwarzenegger is joining the game later this month, Illfonic's Chief Creative Officer Jared Gerritzen took to the PlayStation Blog to discuss more content coming to the asymmetric multiplayer shooter.


Here's everything we know about the June update.

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What is the June update?

Here are some fun additions coming to Hunting Grounds in June, as per a post on the PlayStation Blog.


Fans will now be able to earn the QR5 "Hammerhead" rifle that Arnie uses in the original movie for free, having been paid DLC last month.

You'll also find new customisation options as follows:

"The customizations are the Obsidian Shader for Predator Weapons, Obsidian Tint for Predator Masks, Crimson Tint for Predator Armors, Sage Tint for Predator Armors, Ivy Tint for Default Predator Skin Patterns, Hydra Tint for Raptor Predator Skin Patterns, Blue Viper Shader for Fireteam Weapons, Digital Tint for Fireteam Outfits, Full Suite of Hammerhead Weapon Shaders, and Special Shaders for Dutch’s Knife."

Ready to jump into the new Samurai Predator armour?

The level cap is also being raised to 150 to give players more to do, including new items to chase including a new Elder Predator class as well as Golden Armour and Elite weapon shaders.

As for paid DLC, the game is getting the new Samurai Predator. 

As per the blog, "the Samurai Predator comes to the hunting grounds from feudal Japan, this demon from legend once hunted skilled warriors who protected the island nation."