Predator Hunting Grounds: All confirmed classes for multiplayer shooter

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Predator: Hunting Grounds launches on April 24, with players able to step into the armour of the titular alien hunter.

We know that there are multiple types of Predator to play as, with three confirmed so far.

Here's what we know so far, with updates to come as we get closer to launch.

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Predator: Hunting Grounds Classes

Predator Classes

As revealed on the PlayStation Blog back in December 2019, there are three confirmed Predator classes coming.


The jack-of-all-trades Predator, the Hunter is a balanced warrior.


A faster, more fragile Predator, the Scout can more quickly to reposition.


A chunkier, stronger Predator that can take a few hits before being knocked down, the Berserker is likely to be a little slower.

Alongside the confirmed classes, there's a new Female Predator that has access to a Yautja Bow, which deals big damage and pins enemies to walls. Ouch.

Fireteam Classes

Human soldiers have their own classes to choose from, too. Each has access to a variety of weaponry.


An all-rounder, jack-of-all-trades type.


A nimble, fast-moving unit.


A unit capable of withstanding more punishment than most.


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