Predator Hunting Grounds: Beta Is Suffering From Matchmaking Delays

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The Predator: Hunting Grounds beta is having a few technical issues with its matchmaking, which seems to be having long wait times to get into a game.

Queues of almost ten minutes are being reported on Twitter and Reddit and developers Illfonic have tweeted that they are investigating the problem.


Some players even reported waiting times between 15 - 20 minutes, or not being able to get into a game altogether. 

The long queues are most likely a result of overloaded servers, due to everyone being home at the moment.

Although developer Illfonic has said that they're working on the issue, it's obviously still a frustrating situation for eager fans of the franchise. 

All of the current server issues are leaving fans wondering if they can just play offline with bots like in Illfonic's previous title. 


If you're wondering this too, be sure to check out our recent article on playing Predator Hunting Ground offline with bots.