Will The New Pokemon Snap Have Secret Pokemon/Pokemon Signs?

During the Summer past, Pokemon surprised many fans around the world with their announcement of a brand NewPokemon Snap coming to the Nintendo Switch.

This past week, they confirmed a release date for Spring 2021 and fans are beyond excited for the new title.

Pokemon Snap was a massive Pokemon title back in the day, and this may be your first time checking the game out.

One aspect of the classic Pokemon Snap title that fans are wondering if will be present in the remake, is Secret Pokemon/Pokemon Signs.

Well as of now, all signs point towards the following to be present within New Pokemon Snap! 


For those who do not know, in the first iteration of Pokemon Snap; players were only able to unlock the last stage of the game if they were able to locate all Pokemon Signs. 

These Pokemon Signs were environmental objects that struck similarities with Pokemon.

As of now, we can assume they will once again be within Pokemon Snap.

Below are all six Pokemon Signs and where you can find them courtesy of Serebii.net! 

  • Kingler Rock - Beach
  • Pinsir's Shadow - Tunnel
  • Koffing Gas - Volcano
  • Cubone Tree - River
  • Mewtwo Constellation - Cave
  • Mt. Dugtrio - Valley

We do not know as of now if New Pokemon Snap will feature more secret Pokemon Signs, but we will be sure to update you as we know more! 

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