When is Zarude coming to Sword and Shield in the US?

We have some awesome news for fans of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

If you're loking for some new Pokemon to catch in S&S, you're in luck. This legendary Pokemon will be joining the fight later this year!

Dada Zarude

New rumours are pointing towards the release of Dada Zarude in the West region.

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Although this Gen 8 Legendary Pokemon has launched in North America before now, players outside of the Pokemon's current region are still left wanting access to the rarer Dada version.

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There is also another roomer that states the 'Secrets of the Jungle' movie will be releasing much sooner than originally anticipated.

Release Date

Although there isn't a confirmed release date for this Pokemon, we can expet Zarude's Dada form to come to Sword and Shield in June.

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This may seem like a long time, but it will come around sooner than you expect. Are you excited for Dada Zarude in Sword and Shield?

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