Pokemon TV is Now on Nintendo Switch

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo launched Pokemon TV for Nintendo Switch. It's a free download that essentially ports the Pokemon TV web player to Switch.

Pokemon TV includes full seasons of the Pokemon anime, animated specials - movies, in normal speak - and even recaps and streams of Pokemon Trading Card Game tournaments.

The current lineup includes the most recent series, Pokemon Journeys, along with Twilight Wings and Generations.

What you see won't always be what you get, though. Pokemon TV changes its lineup routinely, so certain seasons or films might vanish from time to time.

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Pokemon TV is Now on Nintendo Switch

Pokemon TV also includes a juniors section, with videos such as sing-a-longs and rhymes.

In the absence of Netflix on Nintendo Switch, though, it's the only (legal) way to reliably watch anything Pokemon on Nintendo's handheld hybrid.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, but you're Switch-less, Pokemon TV is also available on mobile and tablet devices, where it's still a free download.

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