How to Transfer Pokémon From Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl To Pokémon Home

Following a leak in April, we now have an official 2.0.0 update to Pokémon Home. Now we can finally find out how to transfer From Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl To Pokémon Home.

When you first use Pokémon Home with Brilliant Diamond and/or Shining Pearl, you’ll get a cool reward: you’ll receive the three Sinnoh starters, Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig, with their Hidden Abilities for free. If you’ve been having issues completing the Pokedex, this will help you out. Other than that, bringing in old friends and regional variants to Diamond and Pearl can spice up the gameplay a bit, too, and help with any battles that are possibly proving a bit too tricky.

Now that the update is out for Home, here is how to transfer Pokémon to and from Legends: Arceus. If you’re newer to the games, then here’s our tips for getting started, and the differences between the two games.

There is nothing you need to do to actually link the two games, other than have Pokémon Home available on your Nintendo Switch console. It will automatically detect which Pokémon games you have based on save data.

How To Transfer Pokémon From Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl To Pokémon Home

Transferring your friends between Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl to Pokémon Home is super easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Open Pokémon Home and log in.
  • Hit the Pokémon button on the right-hand menu.
  • Choose Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl from the menu.
  • Select and drag your Pokémon as you choose.

Note there are a couple of drawbacks to using Pokémon in different games - no hacked Pokémon can be transferred. Sometimes mystery trades will get you a hacked ‘Mon, and you might not even know. Also, any Pokémon that can only be caught on one occasion in the game, can only be transferred once.

What Do The Symbols In Pokémon Home Mean?

You might notice that there are some symbols on Pokémon sprites in Home. These mean a few different things:

  • Yellow triangle with an exclamation point: The Pokémon has a move that does not exist in the game you’re moving it to, so it will be essentially removed.
  • Red stop sign: The red circle with a line through it means that this Pokemon cannot be moved to the game you chose.
  • Blue question mark: This means once you transfer the critter to your chosen game, it cannot be transferred back to where it came. The options to transfer it will be less than before.
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