Tekken Producer Would Make Another Pokken Tournament

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A Pokemon fighting game seems like one of those games you want until you play it.

Unless it was balanced correctly it could quickly start to lose what makes Pokemon special and just feel like a reskin of something else.


Despite this, Pokken was one of those weird games that delivered on every promise, letting fights between the combatants feel like an anime battle that we all remember watching on the weekend!

Though, for now, it looks like Pokken might be staying as a one-off release.

But that isn’t because of the Tekken team!


Choose your fighter! (Image: Pokemon Company/Bandai Namco)

Tekken Producer Wants Another Pokken

Over on Twitter, responding to a fan query, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada (@Harada_TEKKEN) said that he’d love to work on another Pokken game.

He said:


“We have a good relationship with Nintendo and Pokemon Co., Ltd., and POKKÉN has had a great response, so I would like to make it again. But it's not what we decide, it's what they decide.”

For now, a Pokken 2 doesn’t appear to be in development but the door is open to returning!

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We’ll have to wait and see in what form too.


It's Super Effective! (Image: Pokemon Company/Bandai Namco)

As a console release, it could be successful, but for arcade, it might never come back.

Many players were reportedly able to last for ages on only one credit, up to 45 minutes, and so the cabinets had a low-profit yield.

If we get any Pokken 2 news we’ll be sure to keep you informed