Pokemon Crown Tundra: How To Get Dynite Ore Fast!

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The Crown Tundra is the final DLC pack apart of the Sword and Shield series.

As of now, we do not know any other plans that Nintendo has in mind for the Pokemon franchise. 


We can assume they will make an announcement in the coming weeks, but for now we are focusing on the new DLC.

The Crown Tundra has implemented a unique currency feature it appears, Dynite Ore is going to get you to progress throughout the story, and so on. 

If you are looking to get Dynite Ore as fast as possible, do not fear we have you covered!




If you have played the other DLC pack, the Isle of Armor you will notice that this ore is basically the same as the Armorite Ore that was used in the previous DLC.

This is another material that players are going to want to collect as much as possible.

The material can be used for various outcomes.


One of the popular ones is to trade it for rare items within the Crown Tundra. 

Some items that players have noted they can trade Dynite Ore for include: 

  • Ability Patch
  • Rare Candy 
  • Dynamax Candy 
  • HP Up
  • And More!

So, it is definitely worth your time to collect these.



Moving onto the most important part, how we actually obtain this ore.


Well, the best way to obtain Dynite Ore as fast as possible is to partake in the Dynamax Adventures.

Depending on the type of Pokemon you encounter and various other tasks will decide how much Dynite Ore you obtain at the end of it.

Doing these will not take that much time, and you can find some legendary Pokemon doing these raids as well!