How To Get Shiny Tauros, Miltank And Bouffalant In Pokemon Sword And Shield

The year of the Ox is upon us in 2021 as we approach Chinese New Year.

Game Freak has announced a brand new Year of the Ox Pokemon Sword & Shield event.

Players will get the chance to grab a Shiny Tauros, Miltank and Bouffalant.

How To Get Shiny Tauros

A new Max Raid Battle event has been added to Pokemon Sword & Shield and players can grab a Shiny Tauros.

The new Max Raid Battle event will only be available from now until January 24,

Shiny Tauros has had an increase drop rate of 2%.

Enter into Max Raid Battles in the Wild Area and be sure to engage in Tauros dens only to increase the chances of encountering a Shiny Tauros.

If you're unable to participate in this event, you can try the old fashion way...

How To Get Shiny Miltank, Bouffalant And Other Pokemon!

This concept applies to Miltank, Bouffalant and Tauros!

You need to keep battling the Pokemon of your choice [Tauros/Miltank/Bouffalant] and either catch them or knock them out.

The higher your tally of that specific species that you've battled, the more likely a shiny will appear in your future battles.

You can check how many you've battled under the relevant Pokedex entry.

This concept can be applied to any Pokemon - but since these three are in Raid Battles, it's much easier to do!

The chances of encountering a Shiny are very low, but there are ways to increase the chances; including grabbing the Shiny Charm.

If you encounter and then defeat or catch up to 25 of the same Pokemon species in a row, the odds of finding a shiny are increased to 1/455.

If you encounter a Pokemon that isn't the same species, make sure you run away and don't catch it or let it fain - your chain will be reset.

If you stumble into one that isn't the same species, make sure you run away and don't catch it or let it faint, because your chain will be reset.

You can also try breeding - any egg produced by two Pokemon from different language games will have a higher chance of being shiny; 1/683 without the Shiny Charm, and 1/512 with it.

Shiny Chances

Battle Count
Chance of Shiny (%)
Without Shiny Charm
With Shiny Charm

How To Get The Shiny Charm

Once you have the Shiny Charm, the chances of catching a shiny are increased greatly.

To get the Shiny Charm, you need to complete the Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex (no we're not joking).

Once done, head to Circhester, enter the west door of Hotel Ionia, go up the elevator, then enter the room on the far left.

Speak to the Director and he will reward you with the Shiny Charm.

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