Pokemon Sword and Shield Review: Impressions And Improvements For The Next Pokemon Game

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Pokemon Sword and Shield have been out in the wild for some time now and players have given their review and impressions of the game.

No game is perfect and Pokemon, of course, has a few things it can improve upon to help better the next game release.


No matter how universally loved the game is, some players are going to pin-point some aspects that need to be fixed for future games.

So what changes should Nintendo consider for the next game? Let's check them out! 

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Bring Back The National Pokedex

Of course, who didn't see this coming, one of the biggest controversies in the entire legacy of Nintendo was perhaps the exclusion of the National Pokedex.

This issue affected fans from the casual gamer to the die-hard Pokemon fan, not being able to use any Pokemon you want was devastating to many.



Figuring out some way to implement the National Dex for future Pokemon games, seems like the biggest priority for Nintendo, especially as only 400 Pokemon made the cut in this game.

Pokemon fans all across the world will rejoice if this decision is a go for the next generation of Pokemon games, but we will have to wait and see what Nintendo does in the future.

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An Actual Evil Team

The main evil team you have to frequently battle in Pokemon Sword and Shield is Team Yell, the protectors of their beloved Marnie.

Although you have some tricky battles during your adventure, it is just not enough to be considered a formidable evil team, like past teams such as Team Rocket.



Nintendo should re-evaluate their format for the evil team and go back to what they have done best.

Creating an evil team centered around capturing the legendary Pokemon in the game and have numerous battles with them, we as Pokemon fans were missing that in Sword and Shield and it was 100% noticed by fans. 

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Connecting The Wild Area With The Main World

Fans have been wanting a true RPG experience within Pokemon for many years - in a lot of ways Sword and Shield gave us a glimpse of what to expect in the future.

The Wild Area opened the game up to a more traditional RPG format, giving you a free-to-roam world, whilst combining it with traditional Pokemon gameplay inside of the cities.



It was undoubtedly a great addition but ultimately had its flaws. Namely the fact that there were many uncatchable Pokemon roaming within the opening areas.

It also didn't do a great job of motivating players to visit the Wild Area regularly.

In future instalments, the Wild Area should act as a hub with several different regions branching off of it.


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What aspects do you want to see changed for the next Pokemon game? Let us know by tweeting at us!

Written ByNick Farrell@NCF7_