Isle of Armor: How To Get More Max Mushrooms In Pokemon Sword And Shield

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The Isle of Armor is now available in Pokemon Sword and Shield and a new item can grant special abilities to certain Pokemon.

The new area we get to explore is one of the best yet, and there is a brand new mechanic that can unlock Gigantimax Forms of certain Pokemon.


Max Soup can be obtained by blending some ingredients together, including Max Mushrooms.

Here's how to get more Max Mushrooms!

More Mushrooms

Once Mustard takes you on a tutorial in order to find your first batch of Mushrooms, you will be able to find them on your own. 


You will need these Mushrooms to make Max Soup on your own, so it is worth knowing how to get them. 

The Max Mushrooms themselves spawn all over the Isle of Armor, so it will not be that hard to find them. 

However, there is a good way to get more and it involves encountering and defeating a Max Raid battle on the Isle. 


Once you complete one of these battles, you will start to find Max Mushrooms all over the map! 

Look for them in and around all of the forests and caves on the Isle of Armor.