Isle of Armor: Team Builder - Best Team In Pokemon Sword And Shield Expansion

Pokemon Sword and Shield's first DLC pack, Isle of Armor, is nearing its release date, the long-awaited DLC pack is promising to implement an ample amount of new content for the Sword and Shield saga. 

Along with the brand new story mode coming with the expansion pack, there is also a whole array of new Pokemon making a return from previous generations.

With so many Pokemon coming to the game, let's take a look at some of the best teams you can use in the Isle of Armor! 

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Best Overall Team 

Kingdra - Water/Dragon Type

  • One of the best Pokemon from the Jhoto region, Kingdra is making a return to the Pokemon series in the Isle of Armor. The mighty water-dragon Pokemon is still one of the strongest Pokemon that any trainer can use. 

Pangoro - Fighting/Dark Type

  • This monster of a Pokemon has a wicked dual typing, and has one of the strongest attack ratings among fighting Pokemon!

Gardevoir - Psychic Type

  • It is hard not to include Gardevoir, since its introduction in the Hoenn region it has remained one of the best all-round Pokemon!


Vileplume - Grass/Poison Type

  • The generation one grass type Pokemon is always a safe bet for your team!

Jolteon - Electric Type

  • Who doesn't love an Eevee evolution? Jolteon is our pick for this team

Charizard - Fire Type

  • One of the key Pokemon featured within the game and an absolute beast.

Starter Pokemon of your choice!


Fun Secondary Team

Volcarona - Bug/Fire Type

  • The bug-fire type Pokemon was the primary Pokemon of the Unova region leader Alder; it is one of the most unique Pokemon type combinations that they have introduced into the series as well. 

Copperajah - Steel Type

  • This monster of a Pokemon has one of the best defensive ratings in the entire game!

Toxtricity - Electric/Poison Type

  • No matter the form you get of Toxtricity, it is surely one of the best Galar Pokemon!


Galarian Rapidash - Psychic/Fairy Type

  • The different form of the classic Pokemon has one of the coolest dual typings we've seen!

Lapras - Water/Ice Type

  • You can never go wrong with choosing Lapras for your team!

Gallade - Psychic/Fighting Type

  • Undoubtedly a top Pokemon that learn some great moves and will complete any Pokedex.
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