Isle of Armor DLC Differences Between Sword And Shield

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Pokemon Sword And Shield's next major adventure revolves around the most recently announced DLC Expansion Pass.

The Expansion Pass features two new stories - Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra.

Just like the original story in Sword and Shield, the expansions will feature differences for each game.


So how does the Isle of Armor differ between Sword And Shield?

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We know that we are going to be training in dojo's with other trainers, and rivals and we are going to be trained by the same person who mentored Pokemon Champion Leon.

Mustard was once the Pokemon Champion of the Galar Region for over 18 years but has now passed it onto Leon who we are all aware of.

During the story of Isle of Armor, we will be put under Mustard's wing, training with him and other trainers.

In the game, we will once again come across rivals.

Klara, who is a poison type trainer, will be your rival if you own Sword. Avery, who is a psychic type trainer, will be your rival if you own Shield!



It has now been some time since the National Dex controversy with Sword and Shield's release and it seems Nintendo is trying to rectify these issues with the first DLC pack. 

It has been confirmed we are going to be able to catch over 200 new Pokemon in the first DLC pack, all of these Pokemon are coming back from old Pokemon games though.

It's likely some will be exclusive to each game, but it's unclear what Pokemon will belong to which game.

You can find all the new DLC Pokemon here.

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Cosmetics And Costumes

Slightly less exciting is the fact that with over 100 new items being added to the game, it's likely some of these will be exclusive to each version of the game.