Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to get the Destiny Knot

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Pokemon Sword and Shield was released on the 15th November and people have now entered the end game by completing the main storyline. 

Players that have reached the endgame stage of the game can take part in the Battle Tower and earn points that can be used on items.


One of the items you can purchase is the Destiny Knot.

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What is the Destiny Knot?

The Destiny Knot is an essential item when breeding Pokémon. It allows both parent Pokemon to pass down five IVs and a sixth random IV to the child.


Should you wish to compete against other players to a high level, you're going to need to purchase the Destiny Knot as soon as possible.


How do you obtain the Destiny Knot?

Those of you Pokemon Masters who have beaten the game will be able to earn BP (Battle Points) by competing in the Battle Tower.


Once you have 10 BP (Battle Points), you must head to Hammerlocke and enter the Pokemon Center. 

There is a lady next to the Poke Mart section who sells items for BP points. This is where you will find the Destiny Knot.

First, you’re going to have to beat the game as you will need to buy it through BP, which is rewarded in the Battle Tower. Then, after getting 10 BP, you want to head to Hammerlocke.

One Destiny Knot costs 10 BP each time. You are able to own multiple.


You can also buy important items like the Protector, Reaper Cloth, and more from this market.

Written byOllie East@EastOllie