Pokemon Sword and Shield: How To Evolve Type Null Into Silvally

Sword and Shield was the latest main series game introduced and players are still going back and catching all the shiny Pokemon they are missing.

The game is still being played by trainers all over the world, as there is a ton of content within the game.

Legendary Pokemon are always some of the most sought-after Pokemon within each game, and Type Null is no exception.

If you have managed to obtain this Legendary Pokemon, you may be wondering how to evolve it into Silvally.

Here's how! 



Type Null is one of the few Legendary Pokemon within the series that evolves. 

This Pokemon was introduced during generation 8, and its method of evolution is one that has confused a lot of players.

In order to evolve this Pokemon, you are going to need to obtain high friendship with the Pokemon.

This can be obtained in various ways, but some of the best methods are listed below: 

  • Use Type Null a lot in battle
  • Do not let it faint 
  • Equip a Soothe Bell 
  • Cook Type Null multiple amounts of Curry within Pokemon Camps

Once you have obtained a high enough friendship level with this Pokemon, it should evolve into Silvally!

Silvally is also a normal-type Legendary Pokemon for those who do not know.


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