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Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to catch Cherubi and Cherrim


Pokemon Sword and Shield is the latest iteration of the much beloved franchise. The game has had the most successful launch to date with more than 6 million copies sold worldwide. 


One new feature in the game is the ability to create curries for your Pokemon using the berries that are scattered around the region. Feeding these curries to your Pokemon are essential to increasing friendship levels which can be essential to evolving certain Pokemon such as Eevee into Espeon and Umbreon.

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How do you catch a Cherubi?

You can catch a Cherubi by shaking trees. These are clearly distinguishable from the normal trees that decorate the Galar region as they will be covered in berries. 


Berry trees can be shaken numerous times and the more you shake the tree the greater the chance a Pokemon will fall out and engage you. One of those Pokemon will be Cherubi.

These are the areas you can catch a Cherubi in:

  • Rolling Fields - Non-Overworld - Shaking Trees (lvl 7-10)
  • Dappled Grove - Non-Overworld – Shaking Trees (Lvl. 11-15) 
  • Watchtower Ruins - Non-Overworld – Shaking Trees (Lvl 11-14) 
  • Axew’s Eye - Non-Overworld – Shaking Trees (Lvl 35-40
  • Giant’s Seat - Non-Overworld – Shaking Trees (Lvl 30-35)
  • North Lake Miloch - Non-Overworld – Shaking Trees (Lvl 14-16) 
  • Route 3 - Non-Overworld – Shaking Trees (Lvl 8-13) 
  • Motostoke Riverbank - Non-Overworld – Shaking Trees (Lvl 26-28) 
  • Bridge Field - Non-Overworld – Shaking Trees (Lvl 26-28) 
  • Giant’s Mirror - Non-Overworld – Shaking Trees (Lvl 26-28)
  • Hammerlocke Hills - Non-Overworld – Shaking Trees (Lvl 28-30) 
  • Giant’s Cap - Non-Overworld – Shaking Trees (Lvl 26-28)
  • Lake of Outrage - Non-Overworld - Shaking Trees (Lvl 50-52) 

What about Cherrim?

There are currently no known locations to catch Cherrim. Instead you will have to level Cherrim to Lvl25 and it will evolve.

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