Pokemon Sword and Shield: First Gym Guide for Grass Type Leader Milo

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Pokemon Sword and Shield allows players to conquer the familiar 8 gyms that the franchise has become known for as they explore the Galar region in the hopes of becoming champion.

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The first gym leader you encounter in the Galar region is the grass-type leader Milo.

Stationed in Turffield Town, this leader may appear tricky if you pick Sobble as your starter Pokemon.

But do not worry, we have the complete guide for Milo's gym to help you out!

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What Do I Do If Choose Sobble?

As this is a grass type leader, if you happened to pick Sobble at the beginning of the game you are at an immediate disadvantage during this gym.

To counter it, there some Pokemon that can help your team out not only for this gym but further down the line!

  • Vulpix - can be found within the first segment of the Wild Area,
  • RolyColy - found on Route 3 and the first Galar Region Mine will evolve at level 18 into Carkol which is a fire-rock type perfect for going up against Milo!
  • Snover - an ice type Pokemon can be found in the Wild Area if it is hailing. 
  • Rookidee - is one of the first Pokemon you encounter in the game and can evolve into Corvisquire, a strong flying type Pokemon.

Moving the Wooloo

One of the new themes for Pokemon Sword and Shield is the unique gym challenges that players will have to accomplish before they can face the leader.

This is similar to how gyms were structured in past titles, but now they are on a much larger scale.

Milo's gym challenge is centered around herding a group of 20 Wooloo into designated areas.

You have to complete this three times, by sticking behind the Wooloo and avoiding the Yamper Pokemon that scares the Wooloo away.

It is a rather easy challenge that should not take too much time.


As a little tip, challenge to the trainer in each area, as then the Yampers will not bother you!

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Gym Leader Milo

Once you cleared the gym challenge, you will approach the massive stadium that you will have to face Milo in.

Milo is a grass type leader so fire, flying and ice are the best moves to counter his two grass Pokemon; since this is a gym leader battle, you are able to Dynamax your Pokemon, but so is Milo. 

Milo has two Pokemon in his arsenal: a LV 19 Gossifluer (Grass) and a LV 20 Eldegoss (Grass).

The latter is the one Milo will Dynamax so be aware of that. But if you have a fire type Pokemon, this battle should not be hard at all.


Fast fire type Pokemon such as Scorbunny/Raboot and Vulpix will easily dsipatch of his Pokemon by getting the first move off and utilising fire type moves.

There is ample time to train up your Pokemon en route to Milo's gym and within the wild area. It's recommended that your Pokemon are between LVL 18-22 and that you have a fire and flying type Pokemon with you.

Defeating Milo will grant you the first badge of the Galar region along with his gym leader outfit!

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_