What Level Do My Pokemon Need To Be In The Crown Tundra DLC?

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Trainers are about to embark on a brand new Pokemon adventure, as the second DLC pack in Sword and Shield is about to release later today.

This will also be the final adventure as apart of the DLC packs, so we do not know what is planned next for Pokemon.


Before heading off to The Crown Tundra, it will be task to find out which Pokemon you are going to bring along.

A question that has risen quite often in the leadup to the DLC, is what LVL my Pokemon should be.

Here are some answers to those questions.

Is There Level Scaling

A big talking point when the Isle of Armor was released back in June was the lack of promised level scaling during some trainer's adventures.


During the time, NintendoLife documented that many people carried over low-level Pokemon in hope of trying out a new team with Nintendo noting that the wild Pokemon would be scaled down to your level.

This was quickly proven incorrect, as players were encountering level 60 wild Pokemon while they were trying to use level 20 or so Pokemon.

However, most players noted that the base level of Pokemon over the course of the first DLC was around LVL 60.

So, we do not know if they are going to level scale this time around, but we can assume they are not.


Going into the Crown Tundra; expect 60 to be the gold standard of wild Pokemon level, so make sure your team has at least one Pokemon that will be able to take it down. 

If you are opting to bring some low-level Pokemon in hopes of leveling them up fast.

We are sure this will not be a problem!

After all, the shared experience via the XP Share will go a long way when you are trying to level up your Pokemon!