How To Get To The Crown Tundra

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Pokemon Sword and Shield will be getting more content soon in The Crown Tundra.

The immersive Galar Region has been amazing to explore and all the regions around it including the Isle of Armor.

Now, players are about to hop into a brand new adventure with the Crown Tundra.


The snowy biome will be a whole new world for trainers to explore, but some of you are still wondering how to purchase/find the DLC!

Here's how.

Wedgehurst Station

Similar to the Isle of Armor, players are going to be able to easily access the DLC once they load into the game.

You will be prompted with the following screen which was tweeted by wonderfulwarudo, which notes you can head over to the train station and head on over to the Crown Tundra!



In order to purchase the Crown Tundra, players are going to want to head over to the Nintendo eShop located on the Nintendo Switch.

This is indicated by the orange shopping logo which is usually on the bottom of your Switches menu.

Once you are in the eShop, you are then going to want to find the Crown Tundra store page.

This is probably going to be the first image you see, as Nintendo will more than likely promote this game heavily.

But, if it is not there; you are going to have to manually search it on the Switch.

This can be done via the search bar on the left side of your screen.

Once you are on the page, you can go ahead and purchase the DLC.

Below are the prices for the Crown Tundra, but keep in mind this is going to also include the Isle of Armor DLC.

  • $29.99
  • £26.99

This will then grant you access to the game and all the amazing DLC content we are about to explore!

Once you have purchased the DLC, you are then going to want to download it!

Beginning the download; which will take some time, and will also require a stable internet connection. 

Downloading the Crown Tundra files will not take long, but there is more than likely going to be an update to Sword and Shield itself once the game releases. 

This will trigger if you try and open Sword and Shield, so it will automatically start once the update is pushed!