Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Pre-Order Bonus UK, US And Japan

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX is the latest instalment in the mystery dungeon series, which is a remake of the classic Red and Blue titles from the Gameboy Advanced.

In what was seen as a surprise announcement during Nintendo's Pokemon Direct back in January, many fans are overjoyed about reliving their childhood on these games!

Of course, with any game players flocked to their local game stores to pre-order Mystery Dungeon DX, but at the time of the announcement, we had no idea if there was going to be any pre-order bonuses.

Now, we have some news about some of the bonuses and they are amazing! Let's check them out!

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UK & North America Bonuses 

It is rare for western video game retailers to include pre-order bonuses for Pokemon games; usually, it is nothing more than a poster and that seems to be the case yet again. 

As of writing, there are no confirmed pre-order bonuses for any retailers in North American, however, there is something special for UK players.

Found on Nintendo UK's website, if you pre-order Mystery Dungeon at select retailers you will get a poster!

Check it out below!



Like any other Pokemon game, Japan is getting all of the unique pre-order bonuses yet again.

This is a common theme for Pokemon games releasing in Japan, as this is where the bulk of the Pokemon fan base resides.

We'll go over all the pre-order bonuses for Japan and where you might find each!

Found on AEON

Found on Ito-Yokado

Found on Seven Net Shopping

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