Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: All TMs And HMs

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX is here!

If you're looking to teach an old Growlithe new tricks, you'll want to find HMs and TMs.

These items allow your Pokemon to learn new moves. Here's where to find them courtesy of Leonhartopedia.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: TM and HM Guide


Focus Punch - Buried Relic

Dragon Claw - Wyvern Hill

Water Pulse - Buried Relic

Calm Mind - Buried Relic

Roar - Great Canyon 12F, Mt Blaze, Mt Thunder 2 6F

Toxic - Mount Freeze

Bulk Up - Buried Relic

Bullet Seed - Great Canyon 8F, Mt Blaze, Mt Thunder 1F, Stormy Sea

Hidden Power - Wish Cave, Kecleon Shop

Taunt - Great Canyon 3F, Mt Blaze

Ice Beam - Mt Freeze, Sky Tower, Kecleon Shop

Blizzard - Buried Relic

Hyper Beam

Light Screen - Buried Relic

Protect - Buried Relic

Giga Drain - Mt Thunder 9F, Magma Cavern 12F

Safeguard - Great Canyon 4F

Frustration - Great Canyon 2F, Mt Freeze

SolarBeam - Buried Relic

Iron Tail

Thunderbolt - Kecleon Shop

Thunder - Buried Relic

Earthquake - Buried Relic

Return - Mt Blaze 2F, Mt Thunder 9F

Dig - Great Canyon 1F, Mt Freeze, Mr Thunder 5F, Kecleon Shop

Psychic - Buried Relic

Shadow Ball - Buried Relic, Darknight Relic

Brick Break - Great Canyon, Kecleon Shop

Reflect - Howling Forest 4F, Southern Cavern, Kecleon Shop

Shock Wave - Great Canyon 1 12F, Mt. Blaze 9F


Sludge Bomb

Fire Blast - Southern Cavern

Aerial Ace - Sky Tower

Torment - Great Canyon 7, 9, 11F, Howling Forest 9F, Mt Thunder 3F, Kecleon Shop

Facade - Great Canyon 7, 11F, Howling Forest 3, 4, 6F, Mt Thunder 9F, Mt Freeze, Mt Thunder, Kecleon ShopnSecret Power - Great Canyon 3, 5, 6F, Howling Forest 11F, Mt Blaze, Southern Cavern, Wish Cave

Rest - Howling Forest 5F, Southern Cavern

Attract - Frosty Forest, Great Canyon 1, 3, 12F, Magma Cavern 10F, Mt. Blaze, Uproar Forest, Kecleon Shop

Thief - Great Canyon 4, 6, 10, 12F, Howling Forest 14F, Mt Thunder 9F

Steel Wing - Buried Relic

Skill Swap - Buried Relic




Cut - Buried Relic 80F

Fly - Wyvern Hill 30F

Surf - Solar Cave 20F

Strength - Buried Relic 60F

Flash - Buried Relic 70F

Rock Smash - Buried Relic 45F

Waterfall - Solar Cave 15F

Dive - Visit Whiscash in Pokemon Square after credits, Solar Cave 10F

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