Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Wonder Mail

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX is perhaps the most popular spin-off from the traditional Pokmon games; instead of catching Pokemon, you actually play as one while exploring games.

The newest game has launched and fans could not be more excited, it will serve as a nice warmup until the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC release in June!

One of the unique concepts in Mystery Dungeon is the Wonder Mail system; let's take a look at what it is and how you can use it!

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Wonder Mail Codes


Togetic's Special Request MHJR625MClefairy's Special Request 8TT498W8Smoochum's Special Request 92JMR48WMareep's Special Request 991Y5K47Sableye's Special Request 91SR2H5JLarvitar's Special Request 5JSMNWF0Beautifly's Special Request CNTSN2F1Chingling's Special Request R6T1XSH5Rhyhorn's Special Request R8Y48QXRGift from Corsola 3TWJMK2CGift from Graveler 8QXR93P5


Powerful Ribbon Set 25QQTSCRMagical Ribbon Set 95R1W6SJTechnical Ribbon Set CMQMFXW6HP Recovery Set FSHH6SR0PP Filling Set SJP7642CReviver Seed Set 5PJQMCCJHandy Berry Set 5JMPH7K5Useful Berry Set 3R62CR63Lovely Seed Set H8PJTWF2Hungry Set N3QW5JSKFull Belly Set 1Y5K0K1SGift from Cacnea SH8XMF1TPower Boost Set JY3XQW5CMagic Boost Set K0FXWK7JPhysical Boost Set 0R7910P7Move Strengthening Set XT498SP7Safety Set 3XNSQMQXTough Battling Set H5FY948MVoluminous Set 961WF0MNHard Times Set SFSJWK0HFriendly Set QXW5MMN1Training Set Y9911412Rainbow Gummi Assortment SN3XQSFWSpecial Gummi Sample H6W7K262Electric TM R13R6XY0Fire TM P5R9411SGrass TM N0R7K93RWater TM JR4113QSIce TM XMK5JQQMGhost TM 90P7CQP9Fighting TM 78SH6463Ground TM PFXQPCN3Bug TM 3TY1XW99Dark TM XNY8PK40Steel TM W95R91XTOran Berry Bundle R9945PCNCacnea Collection 45QSPHF4Corsola Collection JT3MQY79Lovely Gummi Assortment XMK95K49Attack Move Pack WCJT275JMove Technique Pack 6XWHH7JMMove Stamina Pack Y490CJMRBoss Battle Set SK5P778RMonster House Provisions NY7JP8QMStrong-Foe Resistance Gift 47K2K5R3Blue Pouch 90P78R96Red Pouch MCCH6XY6Green Pouch 776SJWJS

What Is It? 

Wonder Mail is a system within the Mystery Dungeon universe that allows players to receive special in-game rewards or even recruit Pokemon via mail.

The latter was best known in the latter Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, so the ability to recruit Pokemon via Wonder Mail in this game is slim. However, there are some unique features of Wonder Mail player's will be able to take advantage of! 

Bulbapedia has noted this about Wonder Mail: "Each in-game mission has its own 24-character password, which is visible in the mission description. These codes can be written down and later entered in the Wonder Mail option on the main menu to put that mission in the player's job list, although the same code can't be used twice on one save file."

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By entering these Wonder Mail codes, you can gain exclusive access to special items and other rewards without really having to do anything! It is a great concept, but in this iteration of the Mystery Dungeon series, it is not utilized to its full abilities as we see in later games such as Explorers of Time.

There are special codes/letters that players will need to put in, Bulbapedia has detailed all of the unique letterings you may find! 

  • Latin letter: C
  • Latin letter: F
  • Latin letter: H
  • Latin letter: J
  • Latin letter: K
  • Latin letter: M
  • Latin letter: N
  • Latin letter: P
  • Latin letter: Q
  • Latin letter: R
  • Latin letter: S
  • Latin letter: T
  • Latin letter: W
  • Latin letter: X
  • Latin letter: Y
  • Digits
  • Ellipsis: …
  • Plus: +
  • Hyphen-minus: -
  • Exclamation mark: !
  • Question mark: ?
  • Gender symbols: ♂, ♀
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