Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Online Multiplayer, Co-op, Local Play And Companion Mode

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX is making a triumphant comeback, with a brand new look and this time for the Nintendo Switch.

The games have always been known for their single-player experience, but will the game feature anything beyond this?


Is multiplayer or co-op be included? Here's what we know.

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Will There Be Multiplayer Or Co-Op?

As it stands the game is still only a single-player experience.


However, there is a friend saving mechanic, where players can rescue another player who has fainted in a dungeon and prefers to await rescue.

The player can rescue from the title screen, or through Pelipper Post Office. The player should receive an SOS Mail from the other player through Wireless Mode or through a Password.

Mystery Dungeon Infinity featured a local play mode as part of the companion mode.

Companion mode allowed players to select any Pokemon they had recruited and control them in the Pokemon Paradise.


When in the Pokémon Paradise, you could participate in various missions, both standard and special and build up the Pokémon Paradise.

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Local Play was apart of Companion mode but allowed you to play with up to three friends simultaneously through local wireless.


The possibility of some sort of multiplayer function is not out of the question, but considering the official website clearly states that it is for 1 player only, it's unlikely.

Reddit users did, however, give suggestions on how multiplayer could be implemented.

u/AyoWoods said, "If someone was stuck in certain dungeon, they can send out a SOS friend rescue, and anyone can join in to help."

An idea about being able to help rescue other players online in an MMORPG style seems to be a popular desire from fans.