Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Great Canyon Guide - Best Pokemon Team, Item Locations And Wild Pokemon

After you encounter the legendary Pokemon Zapdos in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX, the next few hours should be completing some random tasks in preparation for the seventh dungeon.

Not to be confused with the Grand Canyon, this dungeon is crucial for the game's story as you will encounter Xatu. 

Let's take a look at our guide for the Great Canyon! 

Basic Information

Before you venture into the Great Canyon, take a look at some of the basic info you will need to know!

  • This dungeon has 12 explorable levels. 
  • The main Pokemon type you will encounter is Normal, Flying and Grass type Pokemon. 
  •  In aims to discover why the Pokemon world is experiencing these natural disasters, you and your partner Pokemon must seek out the wisdom of Xatu. 
  • There is no boss Pokemon, or any chance to find a monster house or shops as well. 



Below are all the Pokemon you will encounter while in the Great Canyon dungeon courtesy of Bulbapedia!


Here are some of the items you can find within the Great Canyon! 

Best Pokemon To Use!

Some of the best Pokemon to use within this dungeon are Fire, Ground and Rock type Pokemon; with an ample amount of grass type Pokemon in the dungeon, it should be rather easy for some Pokemon.

This dungeon is not challenging if you are prepared for it, it more so acts as a story piece that connects to some of the key story missions later on! 

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