Pokemon Masters: Eggs Now Available And Future Content Updates

Pokemon Masters is getting an exciting new update that will bring eggs into the popular mobile game.

The real-time battling and strategy game brings this new feature in a similar way to Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon GO.

Here's what content is coming in Pokemon Masters and how hatchable eggs work.

Pokemon Masters Eggs Now Available

Players can now obtain eggs and hatch them in Pokemon Masters.

To kick things off, players can get an egg from Professor Bellis upon logging into the game. You'll have a chance to get one of the three Kanto starters - Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.

Players can then pair their partner Pokémon with the game’s Main Character and battle alongside one another.

Eggs will hatch after players complete a certain number of battles and they will also be able to choose their own names for these Pokémon.

More Pokémon hatchable from Eggs will be made available in future updates.

Future Content And Updates

  • New Legendary Event Featuring Silver & Ho-Oh: The sync pair of Silver & Ho-Oh star in an in-game event titled “Pure Hearts and Rainbow Wings,” which will be available from 30th April at 7am BST until 14th May at 06:59am BST for those that have completed Chapter 1 of the Main Story. In this event, players will embark on an adventure with Trainers Silver and Ethan of the Johto region to learn more about why Ho-Oh has come to the island of Pasio. Players who complete the Legendary Event will be able to add the sync pair of Silver & Ho-Oh to their teams.
  • Wallace & Milotic Are Coming to Pasio: The Water-type sync pair of Wallace & Milotic will make their debut in the sync pair Spotlight Scout from 30th April at 7am BST until 14th May at 06:59am BST.
  • Daily Scout Offers One Attempt to Add Sync Pair and Items Per Day: The Daily Scout feature has been added to the game, where once a day, players can attempt to obtain sync pairs and items without the use of gems.

You can download the game on the Google Play and Apple store now.

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