When Are New Episodes Of Pokemon Journeys Releasing On Netflix?

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Pokemon Journeys is being touted as the best season in the anime to date.

Plenty are excited and eager to see what lies ahead fo Ash, Goh, Pikachu and Raboot.

But when are new episodes coming to Netflix?

Release Date

New episodes of Pokemon Journeys will release on Netflix on the 5th March 2021.

This is believed to be the last episodes of the named series.

By that, we mean that the Galar based adventure will continue but under a different name, similar to how past series have changed e.g. Sun & Moon, Sun & Moon Ultra Adventures, Sun & Moon Ultra Legends.

What's Happened So Far?

Beware, the following sections contain spoilers!

After winning the Pokemon League in Alola, Ash sets out to explore the world with his pal Pikachu.

While attending the opening of the Cerise Laboratory, Ash meets Goh, another boy with boundless curiosity about Pokémon.

Professor Cerise asks them to become official research fellows.

Ash eventually decides on to make it his goal to take on Leon, the champion of the World Coronation Series.

Goh decides to catch one of every Pokemon in the world.

During their adventure, Ash visits familiar regions from his past adventures, seeing familiar Pokemon and even catches a few of them including Dragonite, Gengar and Riolu.

What Will Happen In The Next Episodes?

Ash will do battle against Gym Leader Korrina, as Ash aims to reach his goal of facing off against Leon.

While Goh is able to catch a Suicune.

If you want a full idea of what's to come, check out the synopsis for each episode here.

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