Pokemon GO: Remote Raiding Has Begun

Pokemon GO is a game that encourages players to get out of the house, catch monsters, trade with people, and battle alongside (or against) other players.

Obviously, with the current COVID-19 situation we find ourselves in, Niantic can't promote healthy outdoor exercise like it usually would.

In a bid to help players level their Pokemon and continue on their journey to be the best like no one ever was, Niantic has started to make changes to the game, making parts of the game accessible without needing to walk to a specific location.

Enter the Remote Raid Pass!

What Is The Remote Raid Pass?

The Remote Raid Pass or Remote Raid Ticket is exactly as it sounds. Pokemon GO players will be extremely familiar with the Raid Pass. 

Essentially a ticket that gains access to a Raid Battle, win the raid battle and you'll be able to try your luck at nabbing the high-level monster you and your team defeated. 

Well, a Remote Raid Pass will gain you access to Raid Battles, remotely... as in, from home. 

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When Will Remote Raiding Begin?

It seems, thanks to some dataminers, there is news on Remote Raids and Remote Raid Passes being rolled out to level 40 players, and will continue with lower-level Trainers as a way for Niantic to test it's servers for stability.

How Will Remote Raiding Work?

Some code was found by dataminers that show future settings for the new remote feature:

"template {template_id: "RAID_CLIENT_SETTINGS"data {template_id: "RAID_CLIENT_SETTINGS"raid_settings {max_remote_raid_passes: 3remote_damage_modifier: 1.0remote_raids_min_player_level: 40}}}"

The code above confirms that, at launch, Trainers battling in raids remotely will have the same attack power as Trainers who are able to battle at the raid location in person.

But at a later date, the attack power for remote Trainers will be reduced. Meaning Trainers at the location will have a higher attack power to those who are playing remotely.



It also shows that players will be able to hold a maximum of 3 Remote Raid Passes at a time.

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How Much Does A Remote Raid Pass Cost?

remote Raid Passes can be purchased from the PokeShop for:

  • 1 Remote Raid Pass = 100 PokeCoins
  • 3 Remote Raid Pass = 250 PokeCoins

It's worth mentioning, due to a Remote Raid celebration, trainers can purchase a one-time bundle containing three Remote Raid Passes for only 1 PokeCoin.

Other Pokemon GO Remote Features

As well as the Remote Raid Pass, Niantic has included some incredible features to help players who are missing out on their usual Pokemon GO rewards.

You can see all of the extra features below.

  • You can now receive a bonus Field Research task daily - without having to head outside to spin a PokeStop
  • Your Buddy Pokemon will keep you safe by venturing out to nearby PokeStops and bringing back some Gifts; you can then send these out to friends
  • The radius around PokeStops and Gyms have now been doubled
  • Doubled Incense duration
  • Increased Incense effectiveness
  • Open 1.5x as many Gifts
  • Hold 2x as many Gifts in your Item Bag
  • No walking requirement for the GO Battle League
  • Half the hatching distance for Eggs
  • Boosted damage for Trainers battling remotely in Raids

All of these features are set to end in 33 days and 7 hours at the time of writing this (28/04/20, 16:00 BST) but will most likely get an extension if we're still having to self-isolate. 

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