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Pokemon GO: How To Earn PokeCoins FAST


Pokemon GO are adding new events and new ways to play on an almost daily basis in May, especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has forced people indoors.


The augmented reality game relies on players to venture outside in order to collect items, catch Pokemon and complete tasks.

With the limit opportunities now in place, it's harder for players to earn PokeCoins. Fortunately, Niantic are now adding more ways to obtain them!

Here are all the ways you will be able to obtain PokeCoins.

How To Earn More PokeCoins FAST

Traditionally, trainers could only earn PokeCoins by defending gyms. Even with the new Remote Gym feature, it's not always possible to conquer and defend gyms. Not to mention that this becomes increasingly more problematic for new and more casual players.

Niantic will be offering more ways to earn PokeCoins, especially from home - here's what they will include:

  • Make an Excellent Throw
  • Evolve a Pokémon
  • Make a Great Throw
  • Use a Berry to help catch a Pokémon
  • Take a snapshot of your buddy
  • Catch a Pokémon
  • Power up a Pokémon
  • Make a Nice Throw
  • Transfer a Pokémon
  • Win a raid


PokeCoins Reward Update

To accommodate this change in PokeCoin rewards, players will only be able to earn two PokeCoins from defending Gyms per hour (instead of six).

These new ways to earn rewards will be available only to trainers in Australia as part of a testing feature.

During the initial rollout in Australia, Niantic will collect feedback and perform additional testing based on the results.

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