Pokemon GO: Online Status Indicator Coming As Part Of Niantic Social Update

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Pokemon GO fans will soon be able to see which friends are online and playing the game.

The feature, dubbed Niantic Social, is "coming first" to Pokemon Go, suggesting it'll find its way to Wizards Unite and the upcoming Catan title in due course.

Pokemon GO: Niantic Social Adds Online Indicator

As explained by Niantic Support on Twitter, players will soon be able to check their friends' online status from the friends list.

Trainers, as part of Niantic Social, an Online Status indicator has been added to your Friend List in the latest update (0.179.2). Currently this status is only visible to you but more controls and visibility to this feature are coming soon. To learn more: https://t.co/PAaZb2qKdB
— Niantic Support (@NianticHelp)
July 2, 2020

This functionality is yet to be fully activated, and so for the time being players will only be able to see their own online status as part of update 0.179.2.

Niantic Social is mentioned as part of a sizeable blog post from Niantic detailing plans for Pokemon Go Fest 2020. You can read the full blog here.

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