Pokemon GO: How To Get Galarian Zigzagoon And Linoone

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Pokemon GO has added more Galarian forms from Pokemon Sword and Shield to the popular mobile game, including Zigzagoon and Linoone.

If you're eager to obtain these Pokemon, here's how to do it.

How To Get Galarian Zigzagoon And Linoone In Pokemon GO

In order to get Galarian Zigzagoon, you will need to hatch one from a 7km egg.

Zigzagoon will be available in 7km eggs from the 3rd June.

In order to get Galarian Linoone, you will need to evolve Galarian Zigzagoon. Fortunately, Galarian Zigzagoon can evolve with regular Zigzagoon candy.


What Are Galarian Forms?


Galarian forms are variations on classic Pokemon, causing them to look slightly different from their original design based on the environment they live in.

With the release of Sword and Shield, the latest variation of Pokemon is 'Galarian' originating from the Galar region.

This isn't the first time Galarian forms have been added, Galarian Weezing was added months ago.