Pokemon GO: Extended Events And New Updates Due To Coronavirus

Pokemon GO, being a game that focuses on getting players out of the house and battling with or against random players, is being affected by the spread of Coronavirus. Here's a list of all of the updates they've implemented until things start to calm down.

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Extended Event

Pokemon Go's March Community Day has been postponed due to concerns about the Coronavirus outbreak, however, a few other events will continue in the Pokemon mobile game.

Niantic is bringing back two more Legendary Pokemon (Cobalion and Lugia) for special Raid weekend events over the next couple of weeks, giving players much more time to catch them.

Announcing that it is extending the next two Legendary Raid weekends, here's what Niantic had to say

"We want to make sure Trainers have enough time to challenge these Legendary Pokemon, so both will be available for a longer time in Raids".

The Cobalion Raid event will now run from March 17-23, and the Lugia event will run from March 24-31.

You'll also have a chance to encounter both Legendary Pokemon as rewards for participating in the Go Battle League's first season, which officially began on March 13th.

 Registeel and Cresselia will also be making a come back during the extended period. 


New Updates

To make sure players are being safe during the Coronavirus outbreak, Niantic has released a few updates, which is currently set to last 30 days:

  • Temporarily halting invites for EX Raids. Those who currently have invites will be able to complete their EX Raids, but for the time being, new invites will not be issued.
  • For Trainer Battles with friends, Niantic has lowered the requirement so you can send challenge invites to Trainers who are your Good Friends.
  • Removal of the walking requirement in GO Battle League to unlock sets. If you're currently in the middle of walking to earn a set, it will take effect from your next set.

Niantic had this to say "These changes may continue beyond the 30 days, depending on global circumstances. Thank you for your understanding, and safe battles!"

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Written byLiam Bartlett@LiamABartlett

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