Pokemon Go: How to Get Elite TMs

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Pokemon Go gives you all manner of ways to power up and make your Pokemon better, but one of the newer, better ways is through Elite TMs, special items that give you expert control over your Pokemon's abilities for battling. We'll show you how to get Elite TMs in Pokemon Go - sometimes called Technical Machines - and use them here.

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How to get Elite TMs in Pokemon Go

You can get Elite TMs in Pokemon Go in some boxes that are purchased in the shops, but you can also find them offered as incentives for reaching certain ranks. They can also appear occasionally in the shop as part of community sales, boxes and similar limited-time offers. Regularly check in at the shop to see if you can buy any of them.

What are Elite TMs?

Elite TMs are similar to the regular TMs available in Pokemon Go, only these ones allow you to choose the move you want to give to your Pokemon, rather than gaining a new one at random.


Elite TMs also allow your Pokemon to learn "Legacy moves", attacks and techniques that were only available during previous events. If you missed out on them, Elite TMs are your chance to get them back and add them to your arsenal. Elite TMs exist both for fast and charged attacks, so you'll need to get both to have complete control over your attacks.