Pokemon Go Datamine Leak Reveals Mega Raids, Evolution Info, and Special Guest Characters

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Pokemon Go fans have got plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks, and data miners have pulled apart the game's code to find out what's coming.

As reported by PokemonGoHub, Niantic is continuing to keep certain elements hidden such as how to Mega-Evolve Pokemon, but here's everything we've found out so far.


Pokemon GO Data Mined Leak

According to the leak, we'll get new badges, quests, and more for Mega Evolutions.

There will be two new badges, one for total Mega Evolutions and one for unique ones, as well as a new quest for Mega Evolving Pokemon.

It also looks as though Pokemon won't stay in their Mega Evolved forms, potentially limited by a timer of sorts. There's also code for "Mega Energy"


Mega Evolutions will also apparently be displayed differently in menus, as well as the Pokedex.

Aside from new music, the highlight is undoubtedly the confirmation of Mega Raids, which can be level 1 - 5 in difficulty.

These raids will offer their own rewards screen, potentially with bonuses for finishing them more quickly, as well as Mega Candy.

There are fresh animations for Mega Evolutions (and Devolutions), as well as fresh characters denoted by "SPECIAL_GUEST_" 1 through 5.


There's also a chance the game's maps are being updated somehow, although we don't quite know how yet.

Players will also be able to swipe through their friends list, and PvP battles will be synced up a little better.