Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake Starters: Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake appears to be the next major title to be announced from Niantic and the Pokemon Company.

Pokemon Sword and Shield occupied players during 2020 thanks to the two DLC drops that arrived after its 2019 release.

Now, a flurry of leaks and rumors appear to be pilling in; as Nintendo looks to announce the remake next month during their 25th anniversary.

One aspect that a lot of players loved about generation four was the starting Pokemon.

These are viewed as some of the best in the history of Pokemon and if you did not play these games, then you have missed out.

Here is a quick rundown of each starter Pokemon! 


Turtwig - Grass

Turtwig is the grass-type starter Pokemon featured within Diamond and Pearl.

Although it appears to be the least favorite out of the three Pokemon, Turtwig evolves into one of the best final stage Pokemon from the grass-type staters.

This of course is Torterra, the grass-ground type Pokemon has one of the most unique designs we have seen and packs a punch for sure.


Chimchar - Fire 

The iconic fire-type Pokemon is perhaps the most loveable Pokemon from this trio starters. As if you were a fan of the anime, you are well aware of the bond Ash had with his Chimchar and Infernape.

The latter form of Chimchar is a fire-fighting type Pokemon and its combination of speed and physical power is unmatched in certain battles! 


Piplup - Water

Last but not least, Piplup the water-type Pokemon rounds out this fantastic list of starting Pokemon.

Empoleon is the final variant of Piplup and is also a water-steel Pokemon, a unique combination for sure!

Be sure to let us know which starter Pokemon will be apart of your party! 


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