McDonald's To Include Pokemon Cards In Happy Meals

The 25th Anniversary of Pokemon is upon us in 2021!

Pokemon is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable franchises in the entire world. 

Not only have the mainstream Pokemon games found success within players, but Pokemon GO has solidified itself as the go-to mobile game in recent years.

Now, a brand new leak has surfaced on Twitter which has alluded to a new partnership between two iconic brands.

Here's all we know! 


Happy Meals

Twitter user pokejungle posted the following tweet which appears to leak that McDonald's is going to start including Pokemon cards in their Happy Meals very soon.

This appears to be a US-only aspect at the moment, but we would not be surprised if we see it implemented all over the world!

Check it out below. 

It appears that the McDonald's Pokémon Happy Meal promotion has leaked and is expected to start in the US next month!

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Photo via pokejungle and PkmnTrainerAbel

It appears, that there will be around 25 Pokemon cards players will be able to collect.

While we cannot see them all via this image, it appears they will all be the starter Pokemon for their respective regions.

Be sure to let us know if you plan on collecting them all!

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